About Us

THINGALICIOUS has been founded by Ekta, who is passionate about all things beautiful.   Thingalicious was launched by curating quirky and unique jewellery from across geographies. In a short span of few months, THINGALICIOUS’ curated ‘beautiful things’ received admiration and encouragement from all over, lending inspiration to diversify into other accessories – sunglasses, luxury pens as well as ties and cufflinks for men.

Thingalicious is most accessible through an exclusive online store www.thingalicious.com besides popular online marketplaces, social media and wayfaring stalls.  Quality and finesse in products is our hallmark.  Our collection is unique as it blends designs and styles from multiple cultures, presenting it for the educated, upwardly mobile, socially and professionally active generation of today.

Why wait when you can find something new at Thingalicious.com